Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur in those who are addicted to alcohol or are alcohol dependent. This can be very dangerous and can be treated as a wakeup call for those who are in the habit of drinking too much.

When does one experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms are primarily related to the functioning of the brain when one is drinking too much. When one is drinking alcohol the natural functioning of the brain is restricted, which makes you feel totally at ease. As soon as one stops drinking, the brain automatically switches to the normal function mode. But if one is a heavy drinker, the brain does not function properly, and goes into flight mode, even if the effect of alcohol is not there. Thus one experiences withdrawal symptoms as the brain remains in flight mode. Thus withdrawal symptoms aggravate with excessive drinking habits.

Some of the common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are as follows:

Some physical withdrawal symptoms are:

  • The handshakes uncontrolled.
  • There is profuse sweating
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Seeing hallucinations
  • There can even be seizures in acute conditions.

Some psychological withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Feeling depressed always
  • Mental instability as there is anxiety, restlessness, and irritation.
  • Suffering from insomnia.

What steps are to be taken to get relief from this condition?

If one is experiencing these symptoms regularly then he must seek medical help immediately. One should try to reduce the amount of alcohol intake gradually or stop drinking as advised by his doctor. He should be under strict medical guidance so that he can avoid any further harm to  himself.

Though this process of recovery takes a long time, of up to a year or more, but one can feel a difference in his health condition within about a week. Once you stop drinking go through the following routine so that you are free from the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Drink plenty of water or anything that has no alcohol in it .It is better to avoid caffeine too.
  • Eat at regular intervals.
  • Take your medicines that are prescribed by your doctor.

Some people may suffer from insomnia after he has stopped taking alcohol. These are hard and trying times as one has a feeling of drinking again so that he can sleep .But one must remember that these things will become normal as soon as your brain starts to function normally.

What happens if you do not pay heed to these symptoms and continue drinking?

If one does not pay heed to these symptoms and goes on drinking alcohol, his mental and physical health will deteriorate at an alarming rate.  Alcohol addiction has its roots in ones mental condition, behaviors and sometimes in trauma too. So one has to take immediate action so that the condition does not worsen.

Where can one get help?

  One can get alcohol treatment program by lighthouse at the Lighthouse Treatment Center, a rehab center that specializes in different types of treatment for alcoholics. One can get the right guidance and support to bring back one’s own self or a loved one from the brink of destruction. Addiction to alcohol has very negative effects on your life style and with the proper way of alcohol treatment program by lighthouse one can surely be on the road to recovery.