How Clean Is Your Skin, Really?

It should be abundantly clear that a deep cleansing milk is not soap. Even if you do not know what it is, the name clearly describes what this product is not. And that’s good. Why? Because soaps and other harsh surfactants are not good for the skin.

If you are not using a natural product like Poéthique’s deep cleansing milk, here is a question: how clean is your skin, really? Products that do not use natural ingredients to gently cleanse can either be too harsh or completely ineffective. Obviously, neither option is ideal.

Poéthique has created a cleansing product with a formula based in neem oil and chamomile. Both these key ingredients effectively cleanse the skin without stripping away what the skin needs to remain healthy. With a deep cleansing milk, you get clean skin without all the potential problems that come with cleansers that are either too harsh or ineffective.

The Effects of Harsh Cleansing

Somewhere over the last 50 or 60 years, our culture came to believe that harsh soaps and surfactants were good. After all, harsher cleaning products get surfaces cleaner, right? Not necessarily. Where the skin is concerned, being too harsh can have devastating consequences.

For example, the skin needs sebum (oil naturally produced by the body to lubricate the skin) to maintain good health. A harsh cleanser that strips away sebum also strips away the skin’s natural lubrication. This leads to dry skin, chafing, peeling, and more.

Harsh cleansing can also irritate the skin quite significantly. This can lead to acne, and imbalanced complexion, and faster wrinkling as a person ages. The point of all of this is to say that your skin can be too clean. It can be too clean as the result of harsh cleansers that strip away everything instead of just removing makeup, dirt, and debris.

The Effects of Inadequate Cleansing

On the other side of harsh cleansing is in ineffective cleansing. A person whose skin is not adequately cleansed is subject to a variety of skin conditions as a result. Inadequate cleansing leaves behind dirt, debris, and even dead skin cells. All of this left behind material prevents the skin from doing what it is supposed to do at optimal performance.

Dirty skin also promotes the growth of bad bacteria. Now for the record, there are both good and bad kinds of bacteria in and on the human body. We want to keep the good while eliminating the bad. This is an area where an all-natural deep cleansing milk has the upper hand.

Neem oil is often chosen as a key ingredient in deep cleansing milk products due to its antimicrobial properties. It can help rid the skin of the particular bacteria known to cause acne, yet it does not strip the skin of all bacteria. The good stuff gets to stay.

The Key: Keep It Organic

So, is your skin really as clean as you think it is? If it is too clean, you could be aggravating certain conditions by stripping away sebum, good bacteria, and vital nutrients. Your skin will not be as soft and radiant as you want it to be. It’s time to put away those harsh cleansers in favor of a deep cleansing milk.

If your skin is not clean enough, what you are leaving behind in your cleansing routine could be contributing to certain skin conditions. Once again, a deep cleansing milk may be the solution you need.

The key to all of this is keeping your skin care regimen organic. Stick with products that utilize only natural ingredients harvested directly from nature itself.