Can Meditation Make You Emotionally Balanced Person?

Pain is inevitable. Whether it is the human beings or animals everyone suffers the pain. Human emotions are often unpredictable such as excitement, anxiety, overreactions to happiness and sufferings, depression, confusion etc. We are designed in such a way that our emotions alter most of our thoughts and actions. We need to control them in order to gain control on our life.

Our desire to become emotionally balanced person leads us to think whether meditation is the medium to attain emotional stability!

It can be the answer.

Meditation helps in gaining emotional control that leads to reduction of sufferings. It brings peace and calmness to the mind of practitioner. People who go through emotional upheavals in life should resort to meditation for a better life.

How to practice meditation for attaining emotional balance?

Meditation helps to rewire you emotions.

You need to sit quietly at a peaceful place and practice slow breathing. Concentrate on your breathe that you inhale and exhale. Try to quiet your mind from all the noise and thoughts that are around and bring all your focus on to the breaths.

You will realise that oxygen is reaching your lungs and making you feel fuller and better with each passing breath. When you exhale you will feel the warm breath going out releasing all toxic air captured in the body. Constantly tell yourself that negativity goes out and positivity comes in with every breath.

Gradually when you will gain control on your breathing practice, you will be able to attain the state of ultimate meditation. Meditation helps us in defining the purpose of events and consequences. It makes us connected to our higher self. Attainment of knowledge of self leads to the end of sufferings and expectations.

Benefits of meditation:

Meditation has scientific benefits that help you to rewire your emotions. Let us learn how it is done:

  • Enables our body to stabilize its own neuro-chemical system which helps in achieving control on anxiety and despair.
  • Improves the decision making abilities and enhances the dimensions of critical thinking
  • Elevates detachment. When you learn how to detach than it becomes easy to leave our bad habits and noisy behaviours. You can control the actions of your body and mind with full attentiveness.
  • Meditation practice helps in initiating self talking too. Sometimes people start meditation with self talking itself. The connection with higher self makes you aware of your choices in every situation. You gain control over what thoughts enter your mind and thus, you are able to clearly specify what you want out of a situation.
  • One of the significant advantages of meditation is that it brings you in present moment more often. We often dwell in a space which is pre occupied with the thoughts of past and worried of future. Our imaginations and fantasies run faster than we assume. When we practice meditation, we can bring ourselves to the present moment more often. There is no bliss in life than being able to enjoy every moment in the present.

Learn to rewire your emotions with positivity and hopeful thoughts through meditation. There are various guided meditation techniques available these days. Seek help from some experienced practitioners who can guide you about practices of meditation and ease your journey.